Action of our product

We have set up a new-generation biodisinfectant (Nocolyse) based on hydrogen peroxide catalyzed by tiny quantities (a few ppm) of colloidal silver complex.

Our concept is using a device, the Nocospray (or Nocomax for larger volumes) that propels Nocolyse as a dry fog, thus ensuring uniform action on all the surfaces of the premises to be treated, without leaving any residue.

The effectiveness of our concept was demonstrated through bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal and virucidal test results.


The distinctive feature of the Nocospray/Nocolyse concept is that it causes the germs to self-destruct.
Therefore it can be used on a daily basis without fearing any form of bacterial resistance.

The bactericidal action of the concept is not due to H2O2 as such, but to the production of OH- radicals that may transfer their electrons to the bacterial membrane, changing its polarity. The electropositivity of very low doses of silver (used as a catalyst) is such that all the peroxide will immediately be transformed into hydroxyl radicals. Once the electron has been lost, H2O2 will recombine into O2, H2O and H2.


There are 2 steps:

  1. Irreversible change in bacteria membrane permeability
  2. Bacteria self-destruction

Two independent phenomena can lead to the self-destruction of the germs. Depending on the treated strain, one phenomenon is always ahead of the other, but the result is always the same.


Concerning sporulated germs, it is necessary to increase the amount of product and contact time in order to physically reactivate the bacterial strain and make it react as any bacteria.

The action against yeasts can be compared to that against spores.


Enveloped viruses:

Enveloped viruses have a membrane (or envelope) with characteristics quite similar to those of bacteria, and glycoproteins which are very susceptible and very easily inactived by the OH- hydroxyl groups.

In this case, we may speak of destruction rather than inhibition, considering the irreversible glycoprotein lysis in the envelopes.

Naked viruses:

  • For naked viruses with helical symmetry, the action targets the capsid which is depolarized, disrupting the helical chain.
  • For icosahedric viruses, the action targets directly the capsomers by breaking the pattern of the polypeptidic chains.

The action is nearly immediate on single stranded, RNA, high '-' polarity viruses (with anti-messenger RNA), or '+' viruses (with messenger RNA).

For DNA viruses, the exposure time is a little longer but the response is excellent.
Viral responses are always much faster than bacterial responses and can be seen with very low doses.

Complete action spectrum:

The concept is effective against all types of germs

  • bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and sporicidal action

Preventive disinfection:

The Nocospray/Nocolyse concept allows achieving Minimum Infectious Risk (MIR) within a few days through gradual removal of the biofilm. To maintain this RIM, daily preventive treatment should be performed.